Saturday, November 18, 2006


The dude who created the Steven Seagal Emotion Chart forgot the following expressions, though:

- posing for the customary wacky shot
- pissed
- drunk
- pissed drunk
- stoned
- shitting (constipated)
- shitting (diarrhea)
- has itchy 'nads
- being raped in the shower by 17 smelly inmates with boils on their butt cheeks
- in a DVD marathon of all his films, thus so embarrassed with himself that he wants to lie on the ground with rusty thumbtacks and fallen dandruff flakes and wait to be run over slowly by a military tank (he will live, of course)


ade said...

Hey! This looks familiar!

Miss Diss Anything said...

great minds think a, i meant alike! (just like all of steven's expressions)

chelsea said...

reminds me of victory buses. if theyre not showing van dame movies, its steven segal. argh.

Miss Diss Anything said...

makes you think which you would choose: a long trip with van damme/steven seagal on tv or a long trip listening to love radio? ah, decision, decisions.