Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Donald desperately wanted to go back to Peking

Now this is what I want. Way more than that stupid chicken. According to the product description, the Choke a Duck "[is a] happy duck [that] waddles around and flaps his wings to the tune of 'The Birdy Song'... it won't be long before you want to stop the annoying repetitiveness! Grab him up by the neck while dancing and he will scream and cluck like mad - flapping his wings and feet as you are gagging and choking him! No matter how many times you choke the duck, it's intent on finishing that damn tune! Choke a Duck is a fantastic stress reliever - you can vent your feelings by making the duck gag. It also makes a great 'practical choke....'" I swear to the heavens above, the last line was not mine.

Please, you just gotta see how this thing works here. Other variations I hope they come up with are:

- Choke a Useless Co-worker
- Choke an Unappreciative Boss
- Choke Lyn and Karlyn
- Choke a Call Center Agent Who Still Uses His/Her Newfound American Accent in Public
- Choke a Grumpy Old Lady Who Cuts in Fastfood Queues Just Because She's Old
- Choke Sun Cellular Customer So-called Service
- Choke Annoying Family First Agents in Malls
- Choke a Hale Fangirl
- Choke Hale
- Choke James Brown

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steel said...

I normally relieve my stress when I'm alone. I call it Choke a dick.