Wednesday, December 06, 2006


In other words, Chinese spam.

If you've read my email exchange with Mr. James Brown, you shouldn't be surprised that I, yet again, am bitching about spam. Stupid fucking spam. And yesterday—surprise, surprise—guess what was in my inbox?

Click here for the bigger file

I was so fascinated with the Chinese characters and was simply touched that a stranger would go all Hallmark-y and "You've Got Mail" with me that I just had to reply...

Here for the full version

I'm a bitch. So shoot me. But the weirdness doesn't end there. This afternoon, I received hate mail!

The beginnings of a catfight here!

Hmmmm? I only posted mah Cha-nees spam rat now, so I'll just be a presumptious twat (and all other rude synonyms for the "c" word she used) and say that my hater is an angst-ridden emo-wannabe hater by day, full-blown Chinese spammer by night! Two fulltime vocations! A true career woman! A bona fide lady of the new millennium! Cosmo girl to the core! You go to hell, girl!

Hot damn, of course I was going to reply!

The closest thing to mud wrestling here!

I'm praying for a reply and again, promise to update you guys on this online catfight of sorts.


JaN said...

You're hilarious!

Aja said...

Haha! I didn't actually expected that response from the spammer as I was reading your entry. Keep us posted. ;)

Miss Diss Anything said...

jan: ha! but not as hilarious as!

aja: me neither. i was only supposed to post my reply - till i checked my mail and saw something much more interesting! thank god for disgruntled spammers!

steel said...

How dare you mess with a Chinese spammer? I bet his kungfu is better than your kungfu!

Miss Diss Anything said...

so freaking what? i've got a Mr. T in my Pocket!