Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Say what?

According to this article, Say Alonzo vehemently defends diss-magnet Sam Milby against claims that the collar-popping dude is gay. According to the story, Say told reporters: "I know 100 percent he's not gay!" She added: "Every time that they mention in the papers... Siyempre, nahe-hurt ako kasi kilala ko ‘yung tao and I know that he's not gay."

Say what? Moreover, Say who? Look, if some random chick went around telling people that they know for a fact that someone's gay or in this case, not gay, then I, some random chick with far superior writing skills, can go around telling the whole world that killing dolphins will earn you good karma (or for non-karma believers, a place in heaven)—and that broadsheets and websites should quote me because I'm a far credible source with better grammar and no loose screws in my head brought about by exposure to reality TV.

In any case, don't worry, Say (whoever the hell you are). We believe you. Sam Milby is not gay...

...He just takes pleasure in being poked from behind.


ade said...

If Sam ain't gay, then those guys from Cueshe are straight.

bigbaddie said...

and my name's Pacifico.