Friday, December 22, 2006

Queso de bola = bribe

According to this article on posted Yahoo, "It may be the season to hand out presents but Philippines government workers have been ordered not to accept Christmas gifts in order to avoid any appearance of bribery."

Yeah, like government officials will once and for all stop parading their huge-ass SUVs on jampacked pothole-strewn highways—and worse, use policemen and their earwax-liquefying sirens to weasel their way out of traffic jams. Or people from the LTO's St. Clare's drug testing center will cease from offering an "easier way" to score your driver's license as you pee your warm pee on that little plastic cup. Or quite simply, that corruption in the Philippines will finally die a quick painless death if that father of four who works at the city hall doesn't receive the fucking queso de bola, ham, or even that fugly customary white mug he'll only rewrap to give to his officemate next year (by that time, it'll be a customary cream mug). Well, all I can really say is...

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bigbaddie said...

Yeah right. Like traffic pigs could resist my crispy Php100 when I'm trying to weasel my way out of a traffic violation. Heh.

Anyway, happy f%#king holidays miss diss!