Saturday, October 28, 2006

This blog sucks

But first, is this: a) a yellow guitar with no strings that suspiciously looks like a tennis racket; b) a Teflon yellow frying pan that suspiciously looks like a tennis racket; or c) okay, a freaking yellow tennis racket.

Of course, the answer is "none of the above." Believe it or not, this little doodad is an electric fly swatter. As the product description goes, "This electric tennis racket fly killer easily kills all flying insects such as mosquitos, flies, and wasps etc, just by swatting them the shock kills all insects." I'm guessing whacking someone in the head using it will kill him, too.

Seeing a gadget like this reminds me how much crap this blog is. And just like cow shit, this blog is, well, nilalangaw. Of course is barely even two weeks old. So really, I'm just being an impatient bitch. Nevertheless, a big shout-out to the kind bloggers who have been thoughtful enough to leave decent comments—and have unwittingly dissuaded me from tying a noose around my neck. So, forgive me for my sappiness, but thank you to nixxx, dexiejane, cyberpunk, ralphot, and miss diss anything—oh shit that's me. So, yeah, that's five people (sorry but I just have to include myself since five sounds a lot less pathetic. Okay, I'm pathetic).


dexiejane said...

owww. you know how it is in the blogosphere. unless you're blogging about Paris Hilton's new sex tape, people won't visit..LOL.

keep writing your witty blogs. i like it here :).

ade said...

Hey, I started out with no comments for two months straight. you're doing fine.

ralphot said...

you can always study at ade's school for blog-whoring. hehehe.

but, really, just be patient. people will pop up soon. just keep writing.

Miss Diss Anything said...

haha thanks guys, you all rock!

Ferdz said...

An electric flyswatter?! Does it swat fly on its won when turned on? Really silly!

Aww. Don't be too hard on your blog. It's only been a short time, and it's more of a give and take thing on the blogsphere. And gret content also helps as well.

Keep on blogging girl!

Lorenzo Makoy said...

Gusto ko sanang mag-comment mula pa noong unang nabasa ko itong blog mo. Kaya lang shy ako eh hihihihihi. Baka kasi i-"diss" mo rin ako eh. Okay lang pala dahil ikaw nga pala si Ms. Diss Anything kaya sige, go-go-go!

Ang sarap basahin ng mga contents mo dito, para bang nagbabasa ako ng paborito kong glossy magazine na nahihiram ko dito sa mga ka-opisina ko!

Mahal ka na namin! Muwaaah!

Miss Diss Anything said...

ferdz: you actually have to swing it around like a real tennis racket, only without a ball and tough luck if instead of a little fly eh ulo ng kasama mo sa bahay mapalo mo - may bukol na, nakuryente pa! wtf!

lorenzo m: is that the three-lettered mag with lots of boobies, booties, and uh, great articles? why, thank you! if not, shit!

Lorenzo Makoy said...

Oooh yeeezzz! Iyan ngang three-lettered mag na iyan ang favorite pastime errr...reading material namin dito sa opisina na inaabangan namin lagi kung sino ang covergirl sa susunod na buwan.

Parang nakikita ko dito sa blog mo yung magazine na yun pramis.

Siyangapala, I have that electric fly swatter na featured gadget mo dito. Epektib siyang pang-tanggal ng antok kapag may pinupuyat kami dito. Hinahawakan namin doon sa bakal habang nakapindot ang kamay mo sa power. Yeah baby yeah! Hindi siya lethal, para ka lang kinakagat ng langgam, promise. :)

Miss Diss Anything said...

thanks! that's my favorite magazine in the whole wide world! Not that I'm lesbian (and not that there's anything wrong with that!)! yeah!! i rock! haha

Anonymous said...

be careful what you wish for Miss Diss...are you sure you can handle being famous someday? ;-)

go easy on're doing fine!

the brutal truth will set you will just piss you off at first!

good luck...cheers from Mr Pogi...a retired blogger. :-)

ralphot said...



jaywalker said...

didn't I post a comment here yesterday? I thought I did

This seriously is a very intersting blog. plus you update regularly obviously have a lot of free time :)

Miss Diss Anything said...

anonymous: ha! but i'd rather be the one to piss off other people! thanks for the good vibes mr pogi

ralphot: no, i meant UNO.

haha just kidding. UNO's shit. but i'll diss that some other time. hahahaha

jaywalker: as for free time, nah. i have another blog but since this one's not from...(enter the sappy sound of violins)...the heart, i can post in just one sitting while eating gardenia bread as i watch critically acclaimed programming such as blind date, fifth wheel, change of heart, and elimidate.

ralphot said...

a basta, any mag that features women with clothing densities of less than 10% is ok in my book.