Tuesday, October 17, 2006

My second "first post"

Now to set the right tone for this blog, scrap my first post (the actual one) altogether off your minds and read this instead.

Anyway, I'm the type who easily gets carried away with TV ads, posters, and anything that has everything to do with companies wooing (more of duping, really) suckers into buying their products. Needless to say, if Jerry Maguire got Renee Zellweger's character at "hello," this poster right here did it for me. I'm a sucker, I know.

It wasn't even hunger that enticed me into shelling P100 (roughly US$2) for a Beef Supreme McRice Burger meal. It was sheer curiosity. And that damn poster. Admit it, the burgers do look delicious in this photo.

It's a good thing that I got the burger with fries, as I waited seven minutes (that's what they said, but I think it was longer) for my takeout dinner. Yes, the fries were gone by the time I got my McRice burger. Anyway, looks-wise, take a good, hard look at the photo above again.

Then look at the real thing.

The burger from hell looked hungrier than its master.

In all fairness, it tastes better than it looks. The rice is soft and the burger patty tender. I also enjoyed the barbecue sauce that complemented, the oiliness, er, tenderness of the whole thing. Its cardboard packaging also gets points for the simple fact that it's a considerate add-on. But then, it's probably one of the reasons it isn't exactly cheap, anyway.

All in all, it's quite good, considering I wasn't really hungry when I bought it. It's as good as that pseudo ribs thing that they used to serve (beef patties shaped into ribs). It's not exactly meant as a compliment, but hey, it means that it's not bad either. The funny (and almost irksome) thing about it, however, is that even with the nice packaging and all, you'll end up wanting to use a spoon and fork when you're two-thirds into your McRice burger. Because trust me; things are going to get quite messy.

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