Thursday, October 26, 2006

Career death by DSL

Much has been said about the infamous PLDT DSL customer service agent that has made the brand name PLDT DSL worse than it already is. Of course I couldn't allow such a thing to go undissed. It's just so bad that it's too good to pass up.

But first, a comment from YouTube, where audio of the call was posted:

"[Username of person who uploaded the clip] SHOW UR ARE JUST INSECURE. You look for any target that is lower then you and you MAKE FUN OF THEM. That is what you do. Because I don't find your videos at ALL FUNNY. SO yes. After living the good life you take the joy by dissing your people who aren't living better then you to make you feel BETTER."

What the fuck?! Typos are understandable, but mangled grammar is just so wrong. Actually, you can't just make fun of people's grammar—unless these people make themselves easy targets by oh, I don't know, broadcasting how dreadful their English is by posting it on the Internet for all the freaking world to see. Why, oh why not just speak in Filipino instead?

Anyway, I digress (thanks to the distraction brought about by such distorted English). I don't know why people feel bad for the dumbass agent, because one thing's for sure: It's her fault. She obviously cursed at the customer and even had the gall to deny to high heavens that she ever did. Fucking liar. In fact, the customer wasn't even one you could consider a customer from hell. I have friends from call centers and trust me, there are far worse callers than that DSL guy. If anything, the little bitch is the customer service agent from hell.

Yes, her customer service skills were borne out of the (arm)pits of hell. What kind of call center agent would tell her caller, "Putang ina mo rin, ba't ka nagmumura? Wala akong magagawa kung..."—unprovoked? Defenders/friends/family/dumbass bitch herself would probably say that she probably just cracked under immense pressure. Wow, stress. To think it wasn't even 9AM yet. And please, if all call center agents snapped because of the demands of their work, then more than three-fourths of all call center companies in the Philippines would close down because of mass layoffs. It's Mini Stop's and 7-11's worst nightmare.

And when the little scoundrel started crying, that was such a classic. Sympathizers probably had the urge to run to her to comfort her. For crying out loud, I can't believe some people even comment that she's got a cute voice. Haven't these people ever encountered call center agents flaunting their newfound American accents in public? Those people sound cuter. Annoying, but at least not ugly- or low self-esteem-sounding.

Anywhow, as for everyone else (ergo, those with functioning wits), that crying episode was such a "good riddance" moment. Think of it this way: If you were that bitch, would you have done the same thing? Admit it, you wouldn't even resort to doing half the boo-boos that she committed during that call. If you were the caller, though, personally, I could've done worse that she would've cried her pathetic guts out more while having that sick urge in her stomach to throw herself in front of a speeding G-Liner. Or at least to never apply for a call center job ever again.

So, the moral of the story is: Don't be an idiot. It doesn't take a genius to figure out that there's this little thing called the mute button.


kit said...

haha, i love this.

jen said...

nairita ako call na 'to. i agree that it was the girl's fault. klarong klaro naman na she was the one who started cursing the client. ang engot, pucha. surprised nga ako sa comments that came with the email where i got the audio. they were siding with the stupid girl! ewan. marami talagang mga inutil.