Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Spreading the love on the net

Reposted from Putanginamo!com (click it to see one-fourth of my actual face, hehe):

Hi, I’m Miss Diss (but you can call me Miss Diss) and some time last week, I left my first ever comment here on Putanginamo!com. And now for some strange reason—thanks to Mr. Obet, good feng shui, and the countless cuss words on my blog—I’ve become one of this site’s guest bloggers.

I (barely) maintain two blogs that don’t acknowledge each other’s existence because I’m weird like that. You can visit one of them at; it’s where I, well, diss anything.

My pastimes include: guesssing blind items, working outside office hours, surfing the net during office hours, watching B horror flicks on TV waiting for kinky-creepy shower scenes, glaring at people who use their call center English accents in public (but can’t translate it to good written English), poking fun at “showbiz” showbiz people who don’t have the balls to admit they’re gay/pregnant/surgically enhanced/untalented/useless to society, ridiculing pretentious artistes who label themselves as “artists” because they think it’s “cool” (but will never admit it), rolling my eyes at URLs and email addresses with the words “cute,” “ganda,” “pretty,” and their equivalents in them, and faithfully sticking to my skin care regimen. Among many others.

So, yeah, that’s all for now.


Not reposted from Putanginamo!com:

I'd blog for more sites if I could, because frankly, I'd prefer a larger audience to appreciate my arsenal of wit and irresistible charm. Unlike this wretched blog with like .873472 visitors a day and less than a handful of people leaving comments (yeah, that's you, you, and you). So, don't get me wrong, I'm forever grateful to Putanginamo!com for asking me to become a guest blogger. It's just that when I browse the site, I sometimes cringe wishing that the folks over there would be warier of those unsightly typographical and/or grammatical errors, especially considering the huge-ass audience it has. I mean, I wouldn't diss wannabe English spokening call center agents (not all call center people are like that, though, fyi) if I was an English usage ditz.

Holy fuck, did I just diss the blog I'm writing for? Ungrateful bitch! Shit, I'm screwed. LOL!


Steel said...

For some reason, I don't feel offended at all after getting dissed by the almighty YOU! I could see it coming anyway.

Btw where's this other blog you speak of and have been hiding from us since time immemorial? WHERE?!

Miss Diss said...

crazy ass did i ever diss you? i think not! (did i?)

ade said...

Why don't you submit more articles to TMB, huh?! Mike's been wanking off to your blog for the longest time.

baddie said...

OMG! You mentioned me in your post! I'm "you" #3! LOLOLZ!

Anyway, you can diss me anytime you want, baby yeah! And where IS this other blog you speak of?! I bet you have pictures there. Irresistible and charming pictures!

Miss Diss said...

ade: i only submit stuff to TMB when i notice you guys are too lazy to post anything, haha. mike's been wanking off to this shit? what a perv. hahahaha

baddie: i have irresistible and charming pictures, yes, but i don't post them on my blog. i don't have have any of those sissy flickr chuvaloos. i want people to love me for my writing, not for my looks and/or body. LOL