Sunday, January 07, 2007

Crazy pipe

Crazy Pipe, not crazy pipe as in crazy mute. Anyway, I don't know how it even became Mark Herras' song, all he did was just dance to it. But I fucking can't get it off my head. Worse, I even find myself unconsciously bobbing my head to it when I hear it—if not imagining myself doing those popular dance steps. Egad!

My theory why the song's so catchy is it was recorded using the backmasking technique. And so with my brilliant tech skills, I played the track backward and lo and behold, I unearthed Crazy Pipe's subliminal message:

"If I don't bob my head to this stupid song, I will become a pansy, similar to the way Rainier Castillo dances. If I don't learn this song's dance steps, Sam Milby will kiss me. On the lips. With tongue. If I don't enjoy this track, Jollibee will point his ass towards my ass and do the ocho-ocho. I choose to have Crazy Pipe stuck on my head because otherwise, holy fuck, it will be Boom Tarat Tarat."

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