Thursday, January 11, 2007

Some chick's beach sex scandal

Stiff necks: uncomfortable

I never knew who Daniella Cicarelli was until I heard she had YouTube blocked in Brazil because of her pseudo sex scandal video. With my insatiable desire to live up to my smart-ass image, I did my research on this controversial model and now I know that she was Ronaldo's ex, which is all that really matters because I don't give a jackshit about how good-looking she is, anyway, because: 1) Pretty models with hot bodies are a dime a dozen in the World Wide Web. 2) Her mouth reminds me of Donald Duck. 3) I don't have a penis.

What I don't get, however, is why she's so fucking pissed that her pathetic excuse for soft porn is posted all over the net. Be a public figure fucking your brains out in public (and in open air at that), expect the paparazzi. Better yet, woman, read my first sentence.

If you haven't seen the video yet, don't bother looking for it on YouTube or Google videos. Not only is it not on those sites anymore, but I took the liberty of posting it here for you. Although for chrissakes, don't you dare jack off to my blog, freaking perverts. Besides, it's not porn. At all. However, I must say, that's one effin' lovelyhotfinesmokin' ass. My boyfriend loves my ass, but Daniella Cicarelli ass makes me want to drag my ass to the gym.

Again, no wanking to my blog. Please.


jake said...

nice one! yer funny

ade said...

I can't wank off? Just a little bit? Pretty please?

Cyberpunk said...

i don't get this too...some slut and her bf decided to fuck on a public beach, it got on the net and even her stupid government is getting involved just to pull the stupid video off the net?

i just hate hate hate it when idiots do idiotic things in public then cry "why won't you respect my privacy?"

stupid fucking slut...i mean her, not you miss diss :D

Miss Diss said...

jake: ye really think so? =p

ade: grooooooooooss no fucking way man. shoo!

cyberpunk: yeah she's an idiot. with a really, really hot ass.