Thursday, February 08, 2007

I love you, Piolo! Sam, too!

Erik's center of gravity wasn't the only thing that confused him

Now this is the actual title of the news bit: "Erik chooses Piolo and Sam over Rufa Mae." I'm not shitting you. Now I don't know about you guys, but that in itself sets off a ding in my head that there's something quite suspicious about that Erik Santos character. Not that joining and singing ballads in a singing contest on national TV isn't iffy enough. But, anyway!

In the interview, he says: "Kasi kaibigan ko si Piolo at saka si Sam so I have to support them." Uhm, yeah, so you pick them over your girlfriend's concert performance. Your girlfriend with huge-ass funbags. You know, this girlfriend:

[Insert gratuitous vulgar boob-related witty caption]

Oh Erik with a K, only one word comes to mind: fairy. Or anal-loving-mayonnaise. I mean, people wouldn't think you were a fudgepacker if you had chosen, say, Vic Sotto and Joey de Leon over Rufa Mae. Or Mark Caguioa and Asi Taulava over Rufa Mae. Or even Steve Jobs and uhm, 50 Cent over Rufa Mae (whut!). Anyway, what can we do? You prefer these gaysguys...


"Tsup! Tsup!"

...which shouldn't be so surprising considering this is what you love to do:

Lock jaw: inconvenient

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