Saturday, November 04, 2006

Countdown to dropping the bomb

Count Dracula's agonizing diarrhea fucked up his chronology

Shit. What the hell are they going to think of next? And it's 16 fucking US dollars! Whatever happened to good ol' Joy (before they employed the ridiculous marketing strategy of tossing plastic Golden Retrievers on top of taxi cabs)? Or reading Xerex (then using Cristy Fermin's column to wipe your ass—only if you run out of Joy, of course)?

According to the product description, "We all know that having a sit down can be a time consuming and boring process. Some people read, others sing. Why not play Sudoku with your loo paper?" Because I don't want my ass to have random numbers stamped all over it like some animal getting ready to be Mila's or Lydia's next casualty.


Anonymous said...

I gotta get me one of those.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I'm a sudoku addict too but I use a felt-tipped pen so it would probably blot on the tissue. But this is a really crazy invention! :)

Anonymous said...

sudoku tissue: when you suck at sudoku, just shit on the evidence.

in_sneakers said...
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Miss Diss said...

shit! just commented again using my "real" account!

anyway, hey ade! thanks for your help with the man-blog thing, really appreciate it!

ralphot said...

^^hahaha! did you wipe that shit with that TP?!

i wonder what beavis would say about that.