Monday, November 06, 2006

Claim to fame

Ha! So, one of my posts made it to The Man Blog. And correct me if I'm wrong (too lazy to dig up their archives; couldn't even give a lame excuse that I'm too busy with work to back read the good guys' posts), but am I the first girl to ever have anything posted there? Am I? Am I?!

I'm so the man. I'M SO FUCKING THE MAN!

And as a thank you to the good editors of The Man Blog, here's a shameless plug of their site... that a staggering six or so of my regular readers (okay, minus one Man Blog editor) would find it in their hearts to compromise their morals and visit the site.


Thanks to Ade for the heads-up.


Anonymous said...

You are the first wioman to put up a post there! Yay!

Miss Diss said...

"woman" yay!

Anonymous said...

A woman contributor? We've been intruded!

Take note, you also earned yourself a hate commenter in the form of that "sus" guy on your first post. How awesome could that be?

Miss Diss said...