Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Some dude broadcasts his virginity

Tacky seat covers double as men's blouses;
and the guy at the back is so appalled he has to close his eyes as he cringes

In the tradition of posts about reality artista search dudes doing really stupid things, enter Fred Payawan. Fred who? Panopio? No! Payawan.

According to a PEP article bluntly titled Fred Payawan Admits He Is Still A Virgin, apparently that Fred person was in DJ Mo Twister's "Forbidden Questions" segment and, you guessed it, he admitted that his pee-pee has remained untouched—by another person/woman/man/animal. And before going smart-ass on me and insisting that the Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition isn't a reality search (yeah, that's where Freddie's from—just found out now, too), don't tell me all the kids there joined for the sake of "experience."

So, yeah, anyway, he's announced he hasn't been laid his entire life. But I'm guessing people are more baffled about who the fuck this person is.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

conversation with between me and my friend upon seeing a billboard with sched of performing artist

friend: hey look! mr. shooli's back!
me: ow! I do miss him and kuhol.
friend: who's fred padawan?
me: hell if I know.

Thanks to you miss diss I could tell her now that:

Fred Padawan's this douche bag who admitted that he's a virgin in Mo's show. And that's 'Payawan'.

Miss Diss said...

LOL keysi, I didn't think this post was that funny. LOL!

Glad to be of help, xylhynne. Glad to be of help.

Anonymous said...

I pity this dude. He's still a virgin AND nobody knows and cares who the fuck he is. =(

And when I say "pity", I mean "laugh at the misfortunes of".

pat said...

ugh. pinoy big brother teen edition. so lame.

it makes my day to know that people like you disses these diss-worthy jerks.

Anonymous said...

Are you sure the one in the photo is not Romnick Sarmienta? hehehe

Euri said...

Fred Padawan --> okay, I was enlightened that such a being exists. Oh, and please don't doubt his virginity. Is shows.